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 "I am 99.9% happy Because I feel 99.9% better!! Thank you for all the care I received!"
- Stevenn V.  (01/27/2016)

 "I've been a patient on and off for several years and could not be happier with the treatment. I've had several work related back issues and always feel 100% better after an adjustment."
- Neil P.  (01/26/2016)

 "My arms were numb and painful at after weekly adjustments I can sleep at night...also, my posture is noticeably improved!!!"
- Becky L.  (01/25/2016)

 "The care I received from Dr.Grant was wonderful. She enabled me to enjoy life again. My back is much stronger and due to her exceptional skills I was able to have the least invassive surgery. I continue to see Dr Grant and I'm making great progress."   
- Laurene S.H.