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Kiah speaks about her neck injury and highlights how Chiropractic Care helped her.

Armand is seeing great energy, better attitude and less low back pain with care in our office.  You can too by calling 860-620-9523 now.

Bill has had great success with treatment of his knee arthritis in our office!!! If you are suffering with arthritis, call our office at 860-620-9523 now!

Rose is getting great results in our office.  To start your road back to health call 860-620-9523.

Kim with her "phlebotomy neck"  improved and no longer has arm pain....

to find out if we can help you  and your neck, click here: http://www.southingtonchiropractor.com/custom_content/2964_contact_us.html

Terry has a 50% improvement in his back pain in one visit....

to find out if we can help your back, click here now:http://www.southingtonchiropractor.com/custom_content/2964_contact_us.html

Aaron had severe pain in his back and numbness in his leg. To find out if we can help your leg numbness go towww.southingtonchiropractor.com

Ruth has great result with Chiropractic and Gymball exercises....  to find out if we can help you contact us at www.southingtonchiropractor.com

Jennifer's headaches resolved quickly with our care.  To see if we can help you contact us at www.southingtonchiropractor.com

Asthma interfered with Chelsea life until she came to Grant Chiropractic Health Center.  Contact us athttp://www.southingtonchiropractor.com/custom_content/2964_contact_us.html to get the same type of care.

Jean had neck and arm pain and spasm continually until she came to see Dr. Carol Grant at Grant Chiropractic Health Center.  To see what we can do for you, contact us at: http://www.southingtonchiropractor.com/custom_content/2964_contact_us.html

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