Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief

When you’re experiencing back or neck pain, chances are you’d like to reduce or eliminate your discomfort in the least invasive and most effective way possible. At Neck and Back Pain Relief Center of Milldale, CT, that’s our goal. Dr. Daniel Ragozzine and his staff are committed to partnering with you to accurately identify the source of your back or neck pain and address it in ways that promote long-term health and whole-body wellness.


Pain is often the body’s way of telling us something’s not as it should be. Your goal should be to address the underlying problem, not to merely mask it with drugs or risk making it worse by insisting on a one-size-fits-all approach to proper spinal care.

The Common Causes of Back or Neck Pain

If you’ve recently been hurt at work, had a fall, or been involved in a car accident, you may be fairly certain about the source of your back or neck pain. Other times, however, it seems to appear out of nowhere or sneak up on you gradually until one day you can’t ignore it any longer.

Sometimes the underlying issue is a chronic condition or an infection of some sort that must be properly diagnosed to pursue the most effective treatment. Maybe it’s a strenuous activity or improper lifting, or even the cumulative impact of weight gain, poor diet, or unmanaged stress. There are even a handful of severe conditions that can first manifest as discomfort in your back or neck.

The Chiropractor/Patient Partnership

Dr. Daniel Ragozzine and his staff take pride in staying well-versed in a variety of treatments, from cutting-edge technologies to centuries-old traditions. Which methods are utilized depends on your situation and your choices.

Often, massage therapy and adjustments, combined with minor lifestyle changes, proves to be the ideal approach. Other times, we’ll discuss cold laser therapy, dry needling, or spinal decompression. Every decision is made with you in full transparency. Your concerns are an essential part of understanding and resolving your discomfort.

Neck Pain Relief in Milldale

We hope to provide quality chiropractic care to our patients in and around the Milldale community. We’re here to help people live fuller, healthier, more comfortable lives in natural, sustainable ways. Call Neck and Back Pain Relief Center today at (860) 620-9523 or reach out to us online.