Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Neck and Back Pain Relief Center

If you suffer from back pain, acute discomfort from an injury or recurring muscle tension -- or if you just want to improve the state of your overall health – our chiropractors and massage therapists can help. At Neck and Back Pain Relief Center, we make your better health our business. That’s why we supplement our chiropractic adjustments with other therapies that naturally complement our efforts to improve your health and wellness. Therapeutic massage at the hands of our fully licensed massage therapists, Nancy Menard and Alice Sherard, can do for your muscles and soft tissues what chiropractic care does for your skeletal system. Massage therapy and chiropractic care give your body an optimal set of conditions for healing and rehabilitation.

Massage for Pain Relief, Rehabilitation and Wellness in Neck and Back Pain Relief Center

How does massage therapy work? Actually, we use different techniques to address different forms of pain or injury. Swedish massage, for instance, concentrates its efforts on the tissues closest to the skin surface. Long strokes and gentle pressure increase blood flow to the area, which allows your circulatory system to feed various nutrients to tissues so they can repair themselves. Swedish massage also relaxes muscle groups, which not only lets you expel all that stress you’ve accumulated but also lets the muscles get rid of inflammatory substances and toxins that otherwise tend to collect and cause back pain, headaches and migraines. So that soothing massage you schedule with our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractor isn’t a perk or indulgence -- it’s true healthcare!

Trigger point therapy is another type of massage aimed at relieving more serious muscle issues that cause chronic pain. Trigger points are areas where overuse or disease has created small, hard muscular knots. These knots then refer pain elsewhere, especially in conditions such as fibromyalgia where a patient may have multiple knots causing tenderness throughout the body. Trigger points can also cause the chronic pain of recurring tension headaches and migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and pain in various other joints. To remedy this, our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center massage therapist locates the knots and works them out to relieve your pain.

Deep tissue massage is also extremely helpful for breaking up adhesions, lumps of scar tissue that build up over injuries and cause pain and stiffness. This type of massage more intense than a Swedish massage, but it’s worth the extra effort to restore freedom of motion and eliminate chronic pain. There are even certain forms of massage such as prenatal massage, which helps expectant mothers cope with back pain and other symptoms of pregnancy while also ensuring a healthier delivery.

To see if massage therapy can help you, schedule a consultation with our Neck and Back Pain Relief Center chiropractor, Dr. Carol Grant. She can evaluate your health and any current conditions you may have, then prescribe the proper combination of adjustments, massage and other helpful therapies to make you feel better and keep you well for life.

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